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Join our Network

Join our expanding network of transportation providers

We are looking for transportation providers who are passionate about helping others to provide non-emergency medical transportation services to patients while ensuring their safety and comfort.


Easy Steps!!!

1. Application

Filling up our application form, attach all documents required to complete the application form, and submit.


2. Verification

Our team carries out a thorough background check and verifies that you meet our eligibility criteria before you can become part of our transportation network.


3. Drive

Start receiving jobs and transporting patients.

Grow your business and receive prompt payment 

Get paid for successfully transporting patients.

We believe in transparency and fairness, and that is why we ensure that our transportation providers receive fair payments when they provide non-emergency medical transportation services to patients with no hidden charges. Average net 30 days.

Eligibility Criteria 

In addition to being courteous, compassionate, and able to help patients, our transportation provider candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Excellent time management skills

  • No local or national criminal record in the past 7 years

  • No record in the National Sexual Offender, Terrorist Database, and OIG exclusion list

  • No motor vehicle record for the past 7 years

  • Pass a Social Security Trace and 10-Panel Drug Test

Their vehicle must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Should not be more than 10 years old

  • Should be clean, smoke and odor-free

  • Should have four doors

  • Should not show signs of interior or exterior damage

  • Should pass a vehicle inspection

Although we are always happy to receive applications from everyone who meets our eligibility criteria, we are actively seeking transportation providers with any of the following prerequisites:

  • First Aid training

  • CPR training

  • Nursing experience

  • EMT, Paramedic, Law Enforcement or Firefighting experience

  • Military Veterans and AARP Members

  • Dispatch Software

  • Wheelchair accessible vehicles

  • Stretcher accessible vehicles


Ready to get started?

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