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Loop Routes provides premium-quality non-emergency medical transportation services across the Greater Houston area and beyond at highly affordable prices. We take pride in the compassion and dedication we put in assisting patients, which is why Houston has trusted us for its transportation needs since 2018. Whether you have a medical appointment or you are planning to pay a visit to friends or family members, our trained NEMT drivers are just a click away and ready to take you where you need to be. 

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Loop Routes NEMT Medical Transport drive
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Ambulatory Transportation

If you can safely walk and get into a vehicle with assistance or walking devices such as canes or walkers, our ambulatory transportation services are perfect for you.

We provide ambulatory services to clients with injuries, mild to moderate mobility problems, and other health issues, making it easier for them to go to destinations of their choice safely and comfortably.


Wheelchair Transportation

At Loop Routes, we make it easier for wheelchair confined patients to move from one place to another.

Our vehicles are equipped with wheelchair ramps and lifts to make it easier for you to get on-board. We even have standby wheelchairs in each vehicle and we provide them to patients who need them during their trip.

Bariatric Wheelchair Transportation

Finding suitable transportation for bariatric patients can be very challenging, especially when it comes to comfort. We provide safe and dignified bariatric transportation services for patients over 300lbs so they can enjoy convenient and comfortable transportation at affordable prices.

Our vehicles come equipped with a loading ramp to make it easier for you to embark and disembark from the vehicle safely, as well as other special features that aid to ride with comfort.

Stretcher Transportation

Commuting for bedridden patients can be a nightmare, but with us, it does not have to be. We handle our patients with care and do our best to ensure that their ride is as comfortable and painless as possible.

Our drivers are expertly trained to handle your transportation from your bedside and coordinate with the receiving party to ensure that you have a safe, smooth, and comfortable transition. Our stretchers are designed to absorb shocks from bumps and vibrations so you will not experience pain or discomfort on rough road surfaces as you go.

Senior Transportation Services

Senior citizens often feel helpless when traveling alone, especially if they have memory or mobility problems.

We provide elderly transportation services to give our senior citizens the freedom to go where they want to while keeping them safe and comfortable throughout their ride.

Door-to-Door Transportation

Simply helping patients in and out of our non-emergency medical transport vehicles is not enough. At Loop Routes, we go the extra mile to ensure that you make it to and from your doorstep.

Our trained drivers walk the extra steps to your doorstep in order to provide you with the extra assistance, emotional and physical comfort you need to need to make it to your destination safe and sound.

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